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The Playhouse


The Playhouse

This project was one of a kind.

An addition like no other, Sorento Custom Homes (SCH) was chosen by a very active family to bring this project to life.

With this family of six, recreation is a priority.  Instead of relocating to accommodate their needs they decided to stay put on their quiet mature acreage on the outskirts of the city.  They focused on an addition for their family while living in the home during construction.



Special Features

  • 20 x 40 heated inground, indoor pool
  • Custom designed squash court
  • Mezzanine with games room
  • Home gym
  • Master suite added above existing two car garage

Master Bedroom Addition - Before

Master Bedroom Addition - After

Master Bedroom Addition - After


Considerable dirt work had to be done to remove a large hill and re-grade to accommodate the addition at the back of the home.  Craning the pool in early in the construction process was essential before any structure could be built.  While this was being completed talks were in place with a custom squash court designer out of Germany.  International logistics had to be organized and coordinated with our construction manager to ensure the unassembled court could be delivered, uncrated and ready for install in a 24-hour timeframe.  In addition to this, the installer was coordinated to assemble the court over a three week period. 

The roof above the double attached garage was temporarily removed to accommodate the new master bedroom, ensuite and walk in closet.  A mezzanine was added to accommodate a games room with full gym below. 

These new features required upgrades to existing heating & cooling systems as well as an upgrade to the transformer.  Make up air, air balance and humidity controls are crucial on projects like this to extend the life of the equipment that operate these features.

Overall one of the most unique projects SCH has done.  Added challenges were coordinating with international trades and suppliers from Germany to Mexico.  However, all was worthwhile with the number of hours that have and will be enjoyed in this new space.

Masted Bedroom Addition - Ensuite

Indoor Squash Court Addition

Indoor Pool Addition

Mezzanine Addition

Pool Bar Addition